Webinar - Avoid Overbuilds by Adding CBRS to your Towers and use cnHeat BDC (Broadband Data Collection)

WISP networks are being overbuilt by competitors using Federal subsidies. Challenge plans to overbuild and prove that your customers are “served” as defined by the FCC using CBRS spectrum at 3 GHz, which the FCC now considers licensed.

Cambium Networks’ cnHeat RF planning tool provides 1-meter accurate LIDAR data that enables you to meet BDC requirements and deliver reliable service to your customers.


  • Brian Potter, Operations Manager, WISP Services
  • Jihad Ghabra, Product Manager, Cambium Networks
  • Matt Mangriotis, Sr. Director - Product Line Management, Cambium Networks
  • Seth Poche, Global Services Technical Manager, Cambium Networks



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We hope you enjoyed our webinar! You can view a recording of the session here: Avoid Overbuilds by Adding CBRS to your Towers and use cnHeat™ BDC (Broadband Data Collection)

At what point will the values on the link budget tab be made available for the cambium products?