Webinar: Breaking Performance Barriers - Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 Solutions from Cambium

Join us for an update on our innovative outdoor Wi-Fi 6 solutions. With deployment flexibility, groundbreaking performance, and as part of Cambium’s end-to-end wireless fabric solution, these solutions enable new outdoor wireless use cases.


  • Bruce Miller, VP - Enterprise Marketing, Cambium Networks
  • Rad Sethuraman, VP - Product Line Management, Cambium Networks
  • Daran Hermans, Director - Product Line Management, Cambium Networks


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Looking forward to this.Need to roll out 3 big projects and have asked a couple of clients to hold on with E5*** orders for now.

Thank you for joining our Breaking Performance Barriers: Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 Solutions webinar! You can view a recording of the session here:


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