Webinar: Cambium Networks Quality of Experience (QoE)

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Cambium’s QoE is giving operators the advanced capabilities to monitor, proactively manage, and optimize network hardware performance and bandwidth utilization delivering the maximum return on investment and delivering an exceptional end customer experience.

Please join our webinar where we will discuss Cambium’s QoE with network operators who will discuss how they are:

  • Optimizing their overall network health and efficiency
  • Increasing their overall network revenues
  • Reducing and delaying capex investments
  • Decreasing customer complaints, operational costs
  • Enhancing their company’s brand image and differentiating their services


  • Wilson Spence, Regional Technical Manager, Cambium Networks
  • Steve Kielley, Director of Sales, Cambium Networks


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Thank you for joining our Quality of Experience webinar! You can view a recording of the session here

For more information, visit our QoE webpage. If you are looking to get started with Cambium Networks QoE, check out our starter kit and trial opportunities.