Webinar: CBRS Updates with our Partner, CommScope: New CBRS Features, CommScope Features & PAL Implementation

In this webinar, we will be joined by our partner CommScope to discuss how PAL Implementation is going, features that are specific to CommScope and new CBRS features from Cambium.


  • Andrew Beck, Director - CBRS-SAS Operations, CommScope
  • Mark Gibson, Director - Business Development, CommScope
  • Matt Mangriotis, Sr. Director - Product Line Management, Cambium Networks
  • David Geitner, Director - Technical Product Management, Cambium Networks
  • Lucia Valbonesi, Fellow, Cambium Networks


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Thank you for joining our CBRS Updates webinar with our partner, CommScope! View a recording of the session below:

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Attached are the slides. Thanks for joining, and for the lively Q&A. If there are further questions on any topics presented, feel free to ask them below.

Cambium_CommScope_PALs_Webinar_05112021.pdf (1.4 MB)