Webinar comments & questions

Hi. After a Webinar is recorded and posted on YouTube, I see that comments are closed. I get that - you don't want to be using YouTube's comments as support forums. :)  BUT, it would be nice if there was one comment from you with a link to the appropriate forum where we should comment and discuss.

So, for example, I just watched the "cnMaestro New Features and Solutions webinar" and it would be great to have a link in the 1st comment (before comments are closed) that says 'Comments/Questions/Discussion at http://communi..." with a link to wherever that webinar should be discussed.


Good idea, ninedd. I'll pass this on to Ray and team. 

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Great suggestion ninedd.

The other problem with Open Comments on the YouTube video, is that you get all other comments that are sometimes totally unrelated to the video/topic.  And then there is profanity and other gestures that tend to follow.  And most likely from persons who have no interest in the topic. 

Also it stretches the Cambium support team to monitor another unmoderated forum.  Would prefer to see them post their help / assistance on Amazon.com Q&A as a manufacturer rather than the comments of a YouTube video (if they were going to use YouTube to host comments).



when posting a video to YouTube I will try to add the link to the webinar on the community. 

As a backup, all  of the webinars are listed in the Webinar archive on the community HERE.

I am looking to add a banner with this link to the home page of the Community soon.