Webinar: Connecting Tribal Governments and Enterprises With EnerTribe

On Wednesday, November 18, Forest James of EnerTribe will share their success stories of connecting the unconnected tribal governments, tribal enterprises, government agencies, municipalities and more. Learn how EnerTribe helps plan, fund, manage and build communications infrastructure, renewable energy, agriculture and datacenters.


  • Mary Peterson, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Cambium Networks
  • Forest James, Chief Executive Officer, EnerTribe

Register for the webinar here.


Thank you to everyone who joined our webinar with EnerTribe! Here are the recording and links included during the presentation:

EnerTribe Website: https://www.enertribe.com/
LINKPlanner: LINKPlanner - Quickly Design Networks | Cambium Networks
Tribal Solutions: https://www.cambiumnetworks.com/solutions/tribal-communities/
Cambium Distributors: CTIconnect and WAV