Webinar: Field Results and Successful Deployments of Latest Generation 5GHz ePMP 4500

  • Hear how service providers are delivering 100Mb/25Mb packages
  • See how cost effective ePMP 4500 can be to deliver these high-speed packages
  • Discover the latest updates on backwards compatibility and TDD sync which bring simple transition for existing


Sakid Ahmed, VP and GM, Cambium Networks

Bruce Collins, Senior Director, PLM, Cambium Networks

Jihad Ghabra, Product Manager, Cambium Networks


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I missed this webinar this morning, was trying to find it to watch. When/where will it be available?

Hi jakkwb, if you registered for the webinar, you will receive an email with a link to view the recording tomorrow morning. We will also be posting the recording on this thread shortly!

We missed you at our Field Results and Successful Deployments of Latest Generation 5 GHz ePMP 4500 webinar! You can view a recording of the session here: Field Results and Successful Deployments of Latest Generation ePMP 4500


@jakkwb the webinar recording is available now!

I have a few questions:

  • What is the recommended maximum distance for the 4500?
  • What antenna is recommended for the 4500c?
  • I see they are backwards compatible with the F300s, but are they backwards compatible with the F200, F180, F110, and ePMP 1000? If so, what firmware is recommended?

A1: The recommended maximum distance is largely determined by your region and allowed EIRP. As an example, for operating in the 5.8GHz band in the USA/FCC region, you could probably operate out to 10 miles… maybe 15 miles at the very most.

A2: Are you asking about the 4500L AP, or the F400c? In any case, there is no recommended antenna. That being said, both radios can work with RF Elements Twistport adapters and their various horn and dish options.

A3: Backwardwards compatibility is not available in firmware yet. We might see some beta releases for this feature later this year.

Thank you. This is very helpful.
In this Portfolio Roadmap, it mentions 4500c

Ahhh yes… the 4500c… I keep forgetting that’s going to be a thing. That radio isn’t currently available, I think they’ll be doing beta testing later this year. ATM, there are no recommended antennas, however, RF Elements is designing some stacked horn arrays for the 8x8 connections. Due to the different number of deployment possibilities, Cambium is being very cautious with the 4500c.

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