Webinar: PMP 450v Launch: Bridging the 5 GHz & 6 GHz Generations

Join us to learn about the next generation of PMP 450: 450v

PMP 450v allows you to scale and enhance your network:

  • Backward and forward compatible
  • Protect your investment but move into new spectrum & higher performance
  • Capable of 1.5 Gbps aggregate capacity
  • Carrier aggregation and dual sector mode

If your tower space requirements are tight, you can achieve deployments in BOTH 5 GHz and 6 GHz in a single radio. With 1.5 Gbps total capacity, it is a very flexible deployment.

We will also review the various migration paths for existing PMP users.


Matt Mangriotis, Senior Director - PLM, Cambium Networks


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Nice! However this link doesn’t seem to work.

the link worked for me. however, is the 450v going to be actually launched or is there an ETA for it?

Thanks Alex, Working for me now also! :slight_smile:

It will be orderable Nov 15. Shipping mid December. Betas going out end of this week or early next.

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Eric, orderable Nov 15, 2023? Do you mean pre-orders, or distributors can place orders? Or is this just for beta customers? I haven’t even seen part numbers, documentation, pricing, SMs, accessories. If I wanted to blindly throw money at it on Nov. 15, how would I even do that? I guess maybe I could answer my own question, talk to a distributor? You’d think however that if an expensive new toy was going to be shippable late in the year with revenue numbers below expectations, salespeople would be calling me.

You can pre-order from distributors starting Nov 15th and it will ship around mid-December. Talk to your Cambium RSM or favorite distributor for more details.

Thanks. Not sure if it’s wanting to announce products at WISPApalooza in fall or what, but for those of us in the northern latitudes, January is not the ideal time to be putting new equipment on towers! Maybe it’s just a hint that we should lab them for a few months first.

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I guess we’ll have to wait for the webinar, but I suspect the data sheet doesn’t tell all, plus I don’t see any firmware release for it. Kind of surprised to see no DC power or SFP+ options, but the 3 glands in the photo lead me to believe those might be coming. Also kind of surprised to see the SM requires 48V POE, but actually the SM looks like the same hardware as the AP but with a feedhorn and a dish, with corresponding higher power consumption. 450i SMs in the past have required 48V power, but it does lead to confusion in the field.

The firmware for the 450v is R23, which isn’t publically available yet. It does have an SFP+ port, but it’s not enabled in the R23 beta firmware… not sure if it will be enabled on initial release. It does not have dedicated DC input.

You’re right about the 450v SM being an AP strapped to a dish, hence the use of 48vdc power. It actually uses 2 waveguides!

I’ve also attached the AP and SM spec sheets… which for some reason, omit mentioning the SFP+ ports.

Cambium_PMP450v_AP_DS.pdf (479.9 KB)
Cambium_PMP450v_SM_DS.pdf (435.1 KB)


We missed you at our PMP 450v Launch: Bridging the 5 GHz & 6 GHz Generations webinar! You can view a recording of the live session here: PMP 450v Launch: Bridging the 5 GHz and 6 GHz Generations_Replay

Here are the slides I went through on the webinar. However, there were a LOT of questions asked and answered toward the end, so it might be worth watching this one too!

Webinar_PMP450v_12062023.pdf (2.7 MB)


In reference to your slides, on slide 27 the Cambium Care options are listed. Within those listings, SW Updates are listed. Does this mean that SW updates will only be available via Subscription?

Just bumping this question again, Will SW updates be on a subscription only basis for the v/mv line?

All firmware updates for the entire 450 line (including 450v/mv) will be provided for free, no subscription or even cnMaestro required. There may be future feature keys that require purchase to enable.

The reason I ask is the Cambium care slide in that presentation. Do they do updates for you in cambium care? If not this looks like a paid access model that contradicts the free model you describe.

So all of the Cambium Care products have “SW updates” listed as a benifit. It’s something that they include to make operators paying for this service feel like they’re getting value. That being said, 450v firmware updates will continue to be free.

So why list it then? That’s seems like false advertising. Listing a free thing in the middle of paid services makes no sense.

In the realm I’m in now, updates for certain hardware are listed just like that and only included it “Maintenance” is active. To say its misleading is an understatement. It really comes across as positioning for paid updates. Can anyone from Cambium weigh in on this?

I think presenting it this way is pretty benign and causes less confusion then if they’d didn’t include it. I’ve dealt with other equipment manufacturers that have paywalls for firmware updates. Someone used to buying premium support for products would most likely ask if SW updates were included. I know I would.

In any case, the firmware updates are free… you should be happy about this :smile: