Webinar: Secure, Private Roaming Wi-Fi for Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU/MTU Market)

MDU/MTU market is growing quickly around the globe as urban areas expand with higher density housing close to jobs, schools, entertainment and civic services. Cambium Networks solutions enable a full property coverage, secure in-home Wi-Fi, and private Wi-Fi networks that roam across the property. Managed Service Providers can bring their expertise into this market to deliver a superior network experience for tenants while improving their operational efficiency using management tools and Wi-Fi products from Cambium Networks.

Join this webinar to learn how to carve private secure networks for tenants that roam from the apartment to the pool and other on-site services. A live demo will reveal the advanced troubleshooting tools in cnMaestro™ and the Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E portfolio that can be mixed throughout the property to deliver a secure, private, roaming Wi-Fi experience.


  • Azif Abdulsalam
  • Daran Hermans
  • Rad Sethuraman



We missed you at our Secure, Private Roaming Wi-Fi for Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU/MTU Market) webinar!

You can register to watch a recording of the webinar here.

This webinar was really insightful!
Cambium, with cnMaestro, is one of the best solutions to deploy managed WiFi in MDU, there is no doubt.

If you are interested we are offering a free version of a SaaS solution, fully integrated with cnMaestro to help MSPs and properties to manage the lifecycle of residents, from scheduling activation and termination, up to letting resident change their passphrase, including fully automated management of VLANs to create personal area network across the property.