Webinar: Wireless Backhaul for Wi-Fi is Here Using 60 GHz (& You Can Sell It)

Cambium Networks is reimagining the 802.11ay standard, using the millimeter-wave spectrum for high-speed, multi-gigabit broadband applications. Now, partners can sell wireless backhaul with their wireless projects! Join our experts on September 23 at 8 AM PDT for a discussion about:

  1. 60 GHz 101 – Why should we care about 802.11ay?
  2. Wireless Broadband – How 802.11ay makes wireless broadband competitive
  3. 60 GHz for Partners – Use cases and value propositions

There is a lot of potential for 60 GHz and we want to help identify how our partners can leverage this new technology to improve service offerings. Don’t miss out!

Register for the webinar here.


We hope you’re watching the live 60 GHz roundtable with us! Watch the recorded session on ChannelBytes’ Facebook page to hear what our presenters had to say:

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