Weird AP Eval reading.



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Nice! -28!

I can only guess what did that. Did you ever actually change the freq on that AP?

Not that I recall, and I rescanned and got the same thing. I just now checked the SM after rebooting it yesterday and I guess the reboot fixed it.

The strangest thing was that both of the APs shown had the same MAC–same everything actually, except frequency and power level. I guess since a reboot fixed it it must have been some SM fluke.

I almost set the color code to that AP. O.o

Take a look at the ‘Age’ entry for the first instance. Like the bridge table, age=0 is what it can see “now”, higher means it’s getting staler. I’ve seen this before on 900 and 2.4 PMP100 gear where the AP settings were changed within the uptime of the SM, and the SM will forever after (until reboot) show the AP once for each channel it was seen on. My guess is that the SM in question had been up for quite some time.