Weird Behaviour

Hi Guys

I have found some weird behaviour that I cant seem to figure out. 

1) Inventory device tabs not showing

When we go to Manage inventory, search the serial number and click the result, we only see the summary page. We cant switch between the tabs 

We first have to pick a random device in the list, click menu, edit

That makes the tabs appear, we can then search for and click the result of the device we wish to edit. 

2) Unable to edit device details

A device has been redeployed. We therefore need to change the name. We find it in the inventory list, click menu > edit and on the configuration tab, we are unable to change the device details (name) field as there is no save button. 

Down the bottom there is an apply configuration button but it doesnt actually save the field - just re-pushes the config file to the device and causes it to reboot. 

3) When a config change is made to our custom fields on a device (eg. customer wants to change their ssid or password) we click apply configuration and the page automatically changes to Application > Jobs
We see a list of past jobs and the new one is at the top which changes to completed after a few seconds. 

A) There is no way to clear the jobs in the list (1,700 previous completed jobs) which i am sure are causing the interface to run slow in the browser due to loading all these redundant pages of jobs that dont need to be there. 

B) There is no "return to device" button to go back to the customer's router configuration. 

Are these bugs with my browser (firefox and opera(chrome)) or are other people seeing them too?


Regarding issue# 2:

We have identified the issue. The name is actually pushed to the device on clicking of the apply configuration button but due to some caching issue, the changes are not visible. 

The save button is removed now and there is a common button to save device details and pushing configuration. The configuration will only be pushed if the device is found out of sync otherwise only device details will be saved.

The fix will be available in the next build.


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To be clear, currently the name is actually pushed to the device but the UI doesn't immediately refresh to reflect this.  Currently the AP Group is always pushed when Apply Configuration is clicked when an AP Group is selected/mapped.

The fix will address the UI not reflecting the new device name and will only push an AP Group if the device is out of sync.

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Ahh awesome thanks. 

If an occupant moves out of the house and a new occupant moves in, we just want to change the name but cant change the SSID/PASS variables in our config due to the sticker on the router. 

I'll let our office staff know its going to be fixed in a future update, 

Thanks again :-)