Weird Problem PTP650

Everything was going fine until my client reported to me that suddenly my client could not get access to remote(through IP/link access/ping) end device. Though it was still connected, power level , link capacity also remained same.
Locally both end device still be accessible.
I never face this kind of problem before.

I took the following steps:

reboot, recheck every connection top to bottom, cable, PoE, direct connect to PC . I did not see any faulty there.

In this case, what is the possible reason for that? What can i do to resolve that problem?
I need a quick response please.

Thanks in Advance

Asif Hasan

To understand this correctly, this is a an issue with a PTP650?  The client could not access the Slave but locally you were able to reach both Master and Slave?  You rebooted the Slave or Master and did not see any fault?  I there still a problem or are you trying to figure the cause?

Yes this is an issue of PTP 650. Both Master and slave side can be access only locally not remotely. When client log in to device locally, the status shows that link is connected as it was from both side.
I checked out some possible reason to occur this problem but nothing found.
Now i am trying to figure the cause and solution

Asif-  Can you please open a case at or call from the number listed at ?  Ask for the case to be forwarded to Dave S at Rolling Meadows.  



Thanks Dave for your quick response.
I've submitted a support case.


1. As Mr Sunil's (from cambium) suggestion, I changed the lower modulation to BPSK and problem solved.
2. After Investigate my field diags they told me to change frequency to 4974.5 Mhz and i got more BW.
Before 17(53 Capable), after 45( 135 capable)

Everything  ok for now. BW is still an issue...

Thanks to All for yours support




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