Weird Stuff

I have a customer that if we go there and tinker with it a bit it will work fine for a couple of days. Everything has been replaced and still has the same problem. He wont work for more than 4-7 days and im confused as all get out. does anyone have an idea? It is 2.4 and about 300 feet from the tower.

more details.
whats the decibel level?
noise floor?
does the guy have 2.4 phones?
Router with larger than normal antennas?

The rssi is -1400+ the dbi -52 to -53 the jitter is 4 to 12(wow) I dont know what you mean by noise floor and no he has no 2.4 anything!

Thanks for you help

How many 2.4 AP’s on that tower?
Are they all configured exactly the same?
What are the AP’s mounted to?
Is there a metal building or roof nearby?
Have you physically moved the SM?

with that kind of jitter have you tried disabling 2x?

Are point at a directional AP or an Omni?

If it’s an Omni, is this client on the opposite side of the tower that the omni is on?

Had a problem almost identical to this - something in the Fresnel zone was causing problems. We had replaced the SM, tried stingers, even tried different frequency bands (originally the unit was 900, it’s now 2.4), nothing seemed to help. The SM receive signal was fine, but it was getting screwed up on the way back to the AP so it would go from -60 when it was working to completely dropping the link.

Moved the SM down about 3 feet and it’s been rock solid since.