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Thousands of small businesses and residential users are using Bridge-in-a-Box to wirelessly extend their networks by simply connecting point A to point B. Each Bridge-in-a-Box comes with two wireless radio modules and power supplies that can be used to extend your network from wherever you have an Ethernet port to wherever you need one from 50 feet to 5 miles away. (15 meters to 8 kilometers).  The modules are extremely easy to deploy as they come pre-configured and pre-paired to connect.

For those places you couldn’t connect before, Bridge-in-a-Box will get you there today.

I would love to hear how you are deploying bridge-in-a-box today or if you're thinking about whether BiB is suitable for your connection idea go head and drop a note here in the community.


We have 2 sites that we run CCTV systems on. They are only 150m apart. Purchased bridge in a box to connect the 2 systems for viewing in the office (where the network lives). Having problems configuring the units. We assumed they were plug and play but obviously not the case. The units have excellent line of site and do appear to have the link going. The problem is the IP/subnet (and possibly other settings on the units). Do I need to change the subnet ? The gateway IP is nothing unusual What else needs to be configured? Basically a little guidance from those who know would be greatly appreciated. Please and Thanks