What are the key functionalities to understand about ePMP network entry?

Upon powering on an ePMP point-to-multipoint system (Access Point and Subscriber Modules), the Subscriber Modules attempt network entry (registration) to the Access Point, and the following functionalities are inherent to the network entry process:

  • The SM selects the best AP in terms of Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) and Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)
  • The SM attempts registration based on the Preferred APs list (if configured)
  • For each AP, the SM must comply with the APs configured security method
  • 120 SMs can subscribe to one AP (or 10 SMs for AP Lite)
  • SMs outside of the configured Max Range (configured on AP) will not be allowed network entry
  • SMs will not be allowed network entry if the number of SMs subscribed to the AP is at maximum capacity
  • All SMs may enter the network simultaneously within a two minute timeframe after the AP has completed bootup
  • All SM ranging (used for framing calculations) is performed at network entry