What are the main difference between Cambium and Aerohive solution?

I was instructed to describe the advantages and disadvantages of this 2 vendors, Cambium and Aerohive, someone could help me?

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Which model of Cambium APs you are looking to compare with which model of Aerohive APs.

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Actually I would be looking for a panoramic comparison of the different features and services available for a enterprise solution, like managing interferences, security, roaming, QoS VoIP oriented, analytics and locationing functions.
I understand that my question is quite generic, so I appreciate any kind of help.

Speaking for Cambium Access points, at a high level, we offer the following:

Enterprise grade, Wi-Fi alliance certified, Indoor 802.11ac and Outdoor 802.11ac Access points.

Our access points are managed in the Cloud (free offering) via cnMaestro. It is also available for free download as an on-site virtual controller software that can be run as a vmware image on a server.

Like Aerohive, we offer, controller-less roaming solution for up to 1,000 clients. Further our access points support most of the expected Enterprise features such as: Automatic channel selection, Automatic power control, band steering, Airtime fairness, VLAN pooling, VLAN per SSID and more

our outdoor E500 access point supports Mesh and where something better than mesh is needed, it supports the ability to backhaul wirelesslely with Cambium's high SLA capable ePMP or PTP 450 links, via powering those backhaul node radios from a PoE out built-in to the E500.

In general, when the total TCO of th solution is considered, for comparable features, we anticipate that the cost of our solution will be considerably less than an Aerohive solution.

If you need further assistance in helping understanding any detail, please post back or reach out unicast as well

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