What are the mechanisms for me to upgrade the radio software?

Answer:  The ePMP units can be upgraded directly from the GUI, under tools --> upgrade. It can also be upgraded via a webserver and pointing to the server and file name. Please note the messages and upgrade times -

During an upgrade process the units will display the following messages in your browser screen. Please also take note of the time duration between each steps


  1. In the bottom left corner of your browser a file upload status will be displayed – (00:05 sec)

  2. Once step 1 is complete, the system will display “Initializing Upgrade” (00:13 sec)

  3. Once step 2 is complete, the system will display “Update is in progress. Uploading firmware to flash (02:00 min)

  4. Once step 3 is complete, the system will display “Upgrade successfully finished. Waiting for reboot. You must reboot device for the changes to take effect (00:38 sec)


NOTE: Once the upgrade completes and a reboot command is issued, please check the version number. If the version number does not reflect the intended version, perform a second reboot

Please view the following video on how to upgrade your ePMP radio.