what are the specifiction of a 2.4GHz network

hi all
i am to setup a 2.4GHz network and i want options about how to improve its throughput and reduces it noise interference for this type of network.

What you are asking is too broad of a question to answer in a post.

Here is where to start:
1. Scour this forum, just about everything you can think to ask has been asked and answered already.

2. Download the Canopy Operators manual the white papers from the Canopy Library. Read them all and then post specific questions about design and installation.

3. Do an RF analysis of the area that you plan to deploy into. It’s important that you know what kind of RF environment you will be working in. Ideally you would use a true RF spectrum analyzer, but you can get an idea by using an SM’s Spectrum Analyzer.

4. Use Radio Mobile to get an idea of what your coverage area will look like.

5. Put up your CMM’s and AP’s and start testing. Work out your bugs and issues and then start selling service.