What are your Ping Times?

What is the typical latency between a the SM and the AP?

I’m running non advantage P9 with 7.36 and hardware sheduling… My ping times to the AP from a SM are 20 to 30 ms.

Everyone seems to say that upgrading to advantage will lower the latency… How low will it go if I upgrade to advantage?

What is your configuration and what kinds of ping times are you getting?

We are running Advantage AP’s in 7.3.6 HWS. Some LITE Sm’s and some Regular NON-Advantage SM’s.

Here’s a couple Return time examples:
(packet size=64bit)

1. Core Router to Our Farthest Client:

2. Router at Tower to a Client on that same tower:

Same client again with 1500bit Packets:

user computer -> canopy sm: ~2ms
canopy sm -> tower: ~15ms
tower -> backbone: ~5ms

900mhz gear

30ms is a little high for SM to AP is a little high

I believe in the manual 1x mode is ~30ms for 900 gear and in 2x it’s around 15ms. I’m not looking at the manual, so don’t hold it against me!

The ping time for the sm to ap is around 6ms with the new advantage platform.

30ms is way high. Unless it had to resolve through your router first. What is your ping time to your server?