what back hauls are you guys using?

I bought the othorgon 30 megs backhauls and my equipment provider said with upgraded firmware these guys will do a full ds3 no problem…however talking to moto they are telling me the 30 meg back haul will only do ~12/8mbs and the 60 meg othors will do ~30/15…

I need something that will do a true 60 megs(45 for bandwidth then 15 for whatever, i dont want a bottle neck for my main link).

LOS with a 2.5m distance…any suggestions?


The 60MB will do 43MB of data throughput.

The 30MB will do exactly the half: 21.5MB of data

Also remember these units are limited to 12,000pps I don’t know if that will cause you a problem, depends on your traffic type.

You can have a look at 150MB OFDM BH it should cost around twice what the 60MB unit costs. Also the 150MB is firmware upgradable to 300MB. that is true 150/300MB of data throughput.

We are using a number of the 60 Mbps links - the highest I can get on a 2 mile link (integrated antennas) is 39.66 Mbps.

Can I ask what you are doing that you need 45 Mbps? I always wondered what people use the 300 Mbps links for. Right now I can’t even imagine needing that much throughput. :shock:


i wanna be able to run a full ds3 and not have to worry about it bottle necking. we also have all of our dns dhcp email blah blah servers on the master side with the ds3…

if you are still looking for a solution I got one…

You can use Bridgewave they will give you upto 1.25GBs (yes Gig) full duplex. They operate in the 60-80GHz and use millimeter wave technology.

They have FE60 and FE60X, the X is extended range. Because they work with mm in the 60+ frequency, their are no 3rd party dishes for them as of yet.

The frequency is unlicensed in the US.

I have NOT tested these but its an option looking into speak to Jim.

I think at that high of a frequency factors such as rain and fog would be an issue.

yes you are correct…

the 1.25G would drop down to 100MB during rain/fog…

not sure on the 100M link…