What can the PoE-out port on the E500 provide power to?

The PoE-Out port (Eth2) on the E500 can provide power to another device that supports either standard IEEE 802.3af, or uses Cambiums PoE-out pinout. This can result in a much simplifed cable and power supply setup when the E500 is used with either ePMP/PMP SMs for backhauls, or is paired up with a device such as a 802.3af powered surveillance camera.

The E500 should be powered with an 802.3at PoE supply (Eg using the PoE-Injector included with the E500) when the poe-out is enabled, for it to have enough power budget for itself, as well as the daisy-chained device. If the E500 is being used by itself, an 802.3af power supply is also sufficient to power it.

Note that PoE-out is off by default and must be enabled in the CLI or GUI of the E500. While enabling you can choose to enable it either of 802.3af or Cambium-PoE modes.

In 802.3af mode any standard 802.3af compliant device is supported.

Support among Cambium devices is as follows:

Device Supported
PMP 450 SM Yes
PMP 450i SM Yes
PMP 450i 900MHz SM No
ePMP1000 AP/SM Yes