What Causes 100% CPU Usage on AP or SM?

We have a primarily ePMP 1000 based system. The AP CPU rates have been climbing. We have 2x APs that are reporting around 100% CPU usage fairly regularly, but do not have high latency. There are between 10 and 15 clients on each, and they all have good signal strength.

What settings might be useful for reducing CPU time? We have MIR turned off, but Traffic Priority is turned on.

Thank you, Chris

Hi uberdome,

High CPU usage is not an issue by itself. The way how we measure CPU usage is not very accurate so it can show spikes while everything is fine with the system. 

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Yeah, don't worry about it... we have ePMP AP's with like a couple clients, pushing no traffic, and cnMaestro says tha the CPU is pegged.

Thank you. It seems odd, but we will just watch for other signs of problems before replacing these.