What deployment specific features would you like to see on Cambium Fiber XGSPON&GPON ONTs?

What key features would you like to see on Cambium Fiber XGSPON&GPON ONTs?

Per VLAN Client Isolation (missing from UFiber solutions)

Per VLAN DHCP / IGMP Snooping (also missing from UFiber)

VXLAN (also….)

Compatibility with third party ONUs

ONUs with VoIP support

Open RESTful API to all OLTs for metrics / usage collection

A demo unit for me to tear down and criticize


I’ll reiterate other posts just to cast a vote:

vlan access and trunk port option
option 82/37 on the ONT
1-2 ATA ports

hardware wise, an outdoor ONT with space enough to run the drop directly in, PoE or DC powered (Dont you dare put a USB-C port in it for power!), option for a battery.

and indoor ONT that is similar, drop should be inside device.

Please don’t just assume that sourcing dmarc boxes and building the whole kit is best, I hate that model. I want a “CPE” here that exposes a port to the customer and nothing more.


I would really love a solid fully managed CPE that includes ONT, enclosure, Mesh WiFi 6E, a couple PoE out ports to support additional WiFi APs. Multi-vlan support and multi-ssid support as well for flexible wifi configurations (think spectrum/xfinity wifi everywere model)

We’re getting OUT of the game of providing an internet port to residential and into fully managed with CPE, router/wifi etc and that means many parts and pieces. This product would be very very compelling if it was everything in one.


+1 to this and a CPE with PoE (in &)out that can operate in a bridge and/or router mode


my minimum requirement for PON is

No vendor lock
traffic shaping on gem port (IPTV shouldn’t be in same shaping than Internet)
multiple t-cont (different dba profile for different gem port)
have access to all stats like BIP by ONU
modular chassis (way less cable in cab than pizza box + TOR switch)
XG-PON / GPON combo
isolation by VLAN
be able to create WANs on ONU via iphost

No vendor lock in
Zero Conf so
be able to create WAN via iphost from the OLT or a preconfigured management VLAN in DHCP client mode
configure everything else via DHCP / TR-069 (TR-069 discovery)
easymesh (again a vendor agnostic standard)

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No comment at this time on hardware but it would be great to see an alternative fibre planning tool to Vetro, MapItRight etc, I guess in the same way what cnHeat/LinkPlanner does for wireless.