What devices should i buy for 300Mbps bandwidth

Hi all,

Our customer require a devices that can support

+ Bandwidth: 300 ~ 400Mbps

+ Distance : about 3km without interference

+ Purpose: Data traffic, sometime streaming video

I'll try to use 

+ePMP1000: but bandwidth only reach ~80 - 100Mbps

+ Force 180: only reach ~120Mbps

When i use LACP + ePMP and Force 180, it's not working well

Please recommend which devices i should to buy.

Thanks a lot guys!


Cambium PTP 650.


@AnN wrote:

+ePMP1000: but bandwidth only reach ~80 - 100Mbps 

You'll also want to make sure whatever you are using has a GigaBit Ethernet capabilities. Using a Radio with a Fast Ethernet (100 Mbit Ethernet) will of course limit your end-to-end speed to 100 Mbit or less, regardless of what the Radios are capable of over the air. :)

Also - depending on how much of a rush you are in - Cambium did discuss their Force300 AC Wave2 that is in development.  That would likely do backhauls in the performance range you're looking for, but might still be a year down the road.

LACP can work great, but you'll need to know how LACP works indepth.      you cannot get a signal stream in excess of a single radios performance.    so 120 (if thats all you got) on the first radio, another 120 on the next and if you use a third, yet again yielding 360 mpbs of total traffic.... for 3 different streams. 

shortfalls,  depending on how you configure it, you could end up with a music stream on units 2 adn 3 and all of your heavy traffic on the 1st.  

LACP is best used to aggrogate links with hundreads or thousands of sessions moving through them.    IE  two of the force 200s serving a a tower consuming a peak agrogate throughput of 350 mbps across 100 CPEs would be a good fit.  a few people working off of it would likely have a less than ideal experince. 

from cambiums product lineup. the PTP650 is your best bet (and least expensive in a single device).   any of the 800 series will also do that job.

the 800s are all licensed so noise will never be an issue.