What do you WISP installers use for mast's to mount SM's on?

Hello all, I work for a WISP in northern IN. Im looking for a replacement for our current 4ft aluminum mast’s that we use to pound into the ground and install a Cambium SM’s on when roof mount is not possible. We have used the same ones for about 30 years, but we can no longer get them anymore.
My question is what are you installers using out in the field to install antenna’s if you have to mount an antenna out in the yard somewhere?

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you for your time!!

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If you are not able to mount to the building, then maybe look at steel fence posts. Get the ones that are 1.65" diameter and they are plenty strong enough for up to f300-25. If you need taller then a pop-up mast for a tv antenna is the next best thing.