What does cnM share with Cambium and why ? Announcement seems pretty vague / all encompassing

You know, other than not wanting the reliability of the service I offer to our customers to have yet another service breaking cloud based service tied to it, I went with the on premises cnM because I am also all about company information being need-to-know. I don’t think Cambium needs-to-know anything about my network outside cnM phoning home to make sure I’m not stealing anything from Cambium.

Just one of the many things that comes to mind is a competing ISP that is all buddy buddy with someone at Cambium being intentionally or intentionally being given even the smallest intel on anything about my network… Even though Cambium will insist that such a thing would never ever ever happen… in almost ever single instance where a company has swore they would only collect X or it’s all Metadata they have abused their gathering of user/customer data and in some cases even shared it with entities the owners of the data would not have approved of.

Once again I am asking, exactly what does the new version of cnM share with Cambium ? The release info posted here is extremely vague and gives the impression that Cambium will have access anything and everything regarding our network. You claim you just want to make sure we aren’t stealing your product, and I’m fine with that, but I don’t see where Cambium has held themselves to any kind of guarantee of they will / won’t be collecting.

From the release info posted here:

Looking at that seems to say that Cambium will basically have access to anything and everything. I mean " SNMP, etc. " SNMP ? Cambium needs SNMP access to my devices ? and “etc.” well that pretty much covers everything in the entire universe doesn’t it ? Anything Cambium wants to know about my network is covered under “etc”"

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I think you missed one important word in this description - “reports”.
Read it again and take it easy :slight_smile:

Does “reports” have a meaning I’m not familiar with?

Edit-And if you are saying it just “reports” SNMP… That doesn’t make sense, what does that even mean?

Even so it clearly says it reports #of devices and everything about them, something that is non of cambiums business

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Here by “Features,” we just intend to share all the advanced features enabled on the On-Premises instance, not their configuration. SNMP is one of such features in On-Premises, so if SNMP is enabled, the On-Premises instance will share that the SNMP feature is enabled and nothing else. Similarly, if MSP or CBRS features are enabled, it will share that these features are enabled. Here etc., it just means that if there are any other advanced features, they will be added to the list and never intended to collect their exact configuration.

We added a section called “Anchor Account and Benefits” in the User Guide to clarify these details. Request you to go through that and let us know if you still feel it is unclear what details are being collected. We will improve on it and ensure there is no ambiguity.



Well the only reason given in the manual “Anchor Account and Benefits” is pretty much " This architecture will allow Cambium to continue to innovate on both the cnMaestro Essentials and cnMaestro X " the claim of every company ever that wanted to start farming user/customer information.

That’s it… “Cambium wants to collect your information to benefit Cambium” there is nothing there that is beneficial to anyone that chose to run on-premises. If I wanted, needed or used any of the “benefits” then I would have just went with Cloud based in the first place. What does Cambium feel the point of “on-premises” is if everything is sent to the cloud ?

So to “improve on it and ensure there is no ambiguity” just do something like:

Why does Cambium need to know how many devices and what kind ? Because that benefits Cambium.

Why does Cambium need to know the Serial / Mac and MSN of all your devices ? Because that benefits Cambium.

Why does Cambium need to know which of your devices are using SNMP ? Because it benefits Cambium (though funny enough SNMP nor “etc…” are mentioned in there").

Why does Cambium need to know … you get the idea.

That entire list is basically " On-premises functions you already had or didn’t want or doesn’t actually benefit you".

Also love:
“Data in cnMaestro Cloud is stored using industry-standard best practices”

Said every company ever that lost customer information they farmed up to benefit no one but themselves.

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It is very simple. The paranoid and vulturous Cambium investor class thinks it is okay to risk every Cambium customer’s data and security over the minuscule chance a handful might pirate their beloved software features. It is the equivalent of requiring internet access to play Sim City. The worst part is they make sure the underlying Ubuntu OS goes off support with each new worsening version (they did this before with 3.0, and now with 3.2), so one is forced to upgrade if they want to stay in security compliance. Which is ironic because requiring internet access fails security audits for many companies and increases the security risk exposure for the customer. I believe it is a push to eventually phase out on-prem for cloud only, probably with version 4.0.