What Happened to Online MIB Browser??

www.cambiumnetworks.com/support/pmp/online-tools used to be a useful online browser for all Cambium equipment MIBs.

With the homepage changes at cambiumnetworks.com, that URL now redirects to Warranty, and I can't find the MIB browser anywhere.

Please tell me it isn't simply gone, I use it regularly, it's far far easier than actually scrolling through the MIB files.


The files can be downloaded from here scroll to the lower part of the page. I will check on that link.

Thank you.  I already have all the MIB files for all of our gear.  I just rely on the online browser to look up field names and such, rather than trying to extract it myself from the raw MIB.  Takes 1/10 the time to find most things.  (that being said, it'd be really nice if the online MIBbrowser were updated a bit, made a more adaptive/flexible layout)


http://support.cambiumnetworks.com/framed/onlinetools/ gives me the MIB browser, but it's not current.