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The subject says it all.

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stand by. News coming soon.


Like how soon :D

yupiii :)

PMP 15.2 firmware with 40mhz channel?

@Kdrama wrote:

PMP 15.2 firmware with 40mhz channel?

ePMP already has 40Mhz channel width... this is something else...

30/40MHz channel widths for PMP450 should be coming via firmare 15.1... any day now...

I am referring to PMP 450 series. I got epmp 2000 and 1000 and  I am using 40  mhz channels 

Wouldn't that be under the PMP 450 Forum, not the ePMP Forum? My guess is it has something to do with ePMP not PMP, since it's called ePMP NOW.

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