What is BER?

Can anyone explain BER and how it’s used?

BER means Bit Error Ratio.
It describes the quality of the transmission (how many errors in n transmitted bytes), 1x10^-6=1/1 000 000 => there is average 1bit error in every 1 000 000 transmitted bits. Carrier quality starts from 1x10^-6

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Thanks for the reply.

After I enable BER stream, how can I monitor it?

I have a 900MHz customer who had a RSSI better than 1400 and a Jitter of 2 that was firing between to Eucalyptuses who was having poor connections.

He moved the antenna down to the ground where it has near perfect LOS and it now works much better. Seems that relying on RSSI and Jitter may not tell the whole story.


Jerry Richardson
airCloud Communications

hi! after enabling the BER transmission, on the client side there will be a BER Display in the Extended Stats tab.

i’m a little confused, if BER gives more data on the connection, why would we ever NOT want it enabled? it seems like a weird “option” if it’s just a matter of giving more information about the radio connection. anyone have ideas? :?:

you are right. but just a little. as you can read in the manual, BER stream take about 300kbps. You can decide if you want to do BER with your 10% of bandwidth (if using bh10), it’s up to you. but it’s not a must! (usually it’s used for test period(s))