What is DFS

Hey there, stupid question. What is DFS? Is it applicable to North America or just the UK? I couldn’t really find anything on the canopy site that’s really solid as to what it is.


Not sure about regular old Canopy but DFS is available on the 45 Mbps BHs. DFS is Dynamic Frequency Selection. The radio will scan the spectrum to find the quietest (lowest noise and usage) frequencies and then try to negotiate a link using those frequencies.

The major issue I had with this is that just because the radio uses an antenna with a 1.5 degree beamwidth and doesn’t pick anything up on frequency X, doesn’t mean the another antenna 30 feet below that with the same 1.5 degree beamwidth isn’t receiving on frequency X. The DFS radio transmits on X and swamps the receiver of the exisiting radio - link lost!!

If you have no other gear in the same band then it’s pretty handy - you don’t have to remember freq plans. The other advantage is that if the current channel does see some interference the radios can look for a quieter channel all by themselves - reducing downtime due to interference.


If you has activated the DFS option your radio is scanning looking for a radar frequency, if the radio detects a radar interference stops to transmit for thirty minutes.