what is minimum board type required on a pmp 100 to upgrade to 13.4

We have some on P9 and some on P10. Most running firmware 10.5. What is minimum board type required to upgrade to newer firmware.

You can take P8's up to 13.4.1. I do not believe P7's and below are supported at all anymore.

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Yup. Just remember that P8's cannot do 2X. And you want 13.4.1, not 13.4. Definitely do no upgrade a P8 to 13.4 as you'll run into an issue with the NAT table size. It is fixed in 13.4.1. We've been running it across our entire FSK network for a couple months and it appears to be very stable. And good thing because it's the last release for FSK, ever. Or so says Cambium. The last release was going to be 13.1.3 I believe, but we all complained loud enough and they listened.