What is missing on PTP550?

I would like to get your thoughts on what feature/function you want most on PTP550 in the next 6 month compare to what already offered in Rel 4.1. 

Any thoughts?

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Not a huge deal but it would be nice to have an option to turn the wireless radio off entirely while we run these in the lab. I don't see that option currently and transmitt power will only go down to 3dbm. 

 UL/DL ratio Flexible or 15/85, Frame 2.5 ms or 2 ms, FDD  Link Type 2+0, ipref UDP/TCP

Thank you for the idea, we will put it to our wish list of PTP 550, to add "Mute" function to the radio.

the flexible DL/UL already commited in future release, shall be availble in next 3-6 month. 

For others, we will add them to our wish list. 



When will the FCC version have DFS channels?

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We're still working through FCC and IC certification for the PTP 550. This is going to take a few weeks to get through all the regulatory bodies. Once done, we will open up all the bands via a new software release. We will notify everyone as soon as we have it.

Sorry for the inconvenience. 


Nice features:

1. Status of Wifi link on System status, first page after login. Now it display Wireless status: UP, but this info is only that Radio is powered ON, no info about slave, that is or not connected ? 

2. Changing Channel without droping link and DSO

3. Settings for SFP port out from LAN bridge, for second (redundant or divided network).

Support for:

-Replacing the system certificate with a personal (CA based) certificate.

-RADIUS based administrator login.

-Make the radio changes independent from each other.  E.g. changing channel width or frequency on only one radio requires bouncing only that radio instead of both (degraded service instead of complete outage).

Activar la segunda radio que fue publicitada

cumplir con lo ofertado en realidad, aun estamos lejos, muy muy lejos del ancho de banda prometido.

Larger MTU.  2000 byte MTU or greater would be beneficial on a backhaul like this for those running MPLS+VPLS+customer VLANs, etc.

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Why are we so limited for power levels with 550 on Canada 5150-5250?  We have out lite licence and use Mimosa B5C to create 30dbm radio power, but ptp550 is limiting us to 19 dbm for 80mhz or 25 dbm on 40 mhz channels.  It was our understanding that we should be able to use 30dbm with 550?  We are using 4.1.2

Two suggestions:

FDD option (Radio1 RX, Radio2 TX, vice versa) would be a big plus for those of us operating latency-sensitive application across these devices.

APPLY SETTINGS should be a first level when changing; SAVE SETTINGS allows the user to confirm the settings are OK to keep through a power cycle.  If settings are APPLIED, but not SAVED, and those settings render the radio inaccessible or inoperable, a power cycle should bring back the "last known good / last saved config". 


i like your idea, we will take a look and see if this can be done.


KF4YLM said: "if settings are APPLIED, but not SAVED"

THIS. ^^^ All ePMP products need a ‘Test’ mode, all AP, all SM, everything. But especially anything used in a PTP mode where you might saw the only branch you’re standing on.

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Audio tones to help with Alignment

@jonathanderek wrote:
Audio tones to help with Alignment

I agree.  FWIW, that has been asked and they "are working on this" since 2015 for ePMP.  :D


Is there an updated ETA for FCC DFS certification?



-Functioning cnMaestro Integration

-Better home screen info. Is cnMaestro connected? What is the current system time? Things like that are handy to know.