What is Path Info telling me

Just deployed a PMP450i 3.65GHz AP.  The SM is showing path info of A = -45 and B = +45 degrees upon association.  

What is  this stat telling me?  I would guess it would be looking at H and V since these are dual pol?  

If so, you want them as close to each other as possible, correct?  My test radio is showing the stats above and the SNR is 33B/33A db.  

I am not sure exactly which stat you are referring to (can you post a screen shot?), but the 3 GHz products are dual-slant, which means instead of H and V, they operate at + and - 45 degrees. 

Path A and Path B is just the naming convention for the different polarizations, as you say.

Ideally, having a Signal Strength Ratio of close to zero is best, yes. (That is, you want the two polarities to be very similar receive signal levels).

A SNR of 33 on both paths is great and should allow high modulation operation.

Did I answer your question?