What is "SM Management Interface Access via Ethernet P&

I can’t figure out what “SM Management Interface Access via Ethernet Port
” is for … the default is ‘Disabled’, but it seems that it should be ‘enabled’ for on-site installation.

If it is disabled, how is it that I could log onto the radio through the port??


Enabling it would allow you to manage it through Prizm (either way you set it, you should still be able to access the module on your private network).

So to use Prizm that needs to be turned on?? Seems odd since it’s talking about the Ethernet port!!

Yes. We just started using Prizm and had to enable it to allow the SM to be managed via Prizm.

No that is not correct. If set to disable the filter is turned off and you can access the management interface through the ethernet port. If set to enable the filter is turned on and will not allow access of the management interface from the ethernet port. This setting has nothing to do with allowing Prizm to manage the sm unless Prizm is attached to the ethernet port of a sm and the filter is turned on, and would only prevent Prizm from accessing that specific sm.

Attitude- thank you for mentioning that. My mistake, at the time of the post I had just started using Prizm and thought it needed to be enabled. I then discovered the same day with it enabled, I was not able to communicate locally with SMs on the same network.

Sorry for any confusion.