What is the best method for aiming subscriber modules?

Is there an option to use headphones like with the 100’s?

There is not an option today to use alignment tones (like PMP 100), but we have had a few customers who have requested this feature. It is currently being scoped out, but it has not found a software release yet.

Please stay tuned!

Is there a better way to see or read the signal strength when aligning the antennas? When we go into monitor-wireless, it can be delayed or slow for the installers.



Have you tried to use the LED’s on the ePMP station? On page 42 of the ePMP 2.2 User Guide, it describes what color the LEDs are for certain RSSI level of your station that you are trying to install.

You can increase the refresh rate of the GUI under Configuration->System. This way the RSSI will update more frequently while aligning the antennas.