What is the difference between integrated Vs Connectorized in PTP650?

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I'm new to wireless world, my question is that what is the difference between integrated and Connectorized in PTP in general. is it means that one is P-to-P and the other is P-to-Multipoint?

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The Integrated PTP 650 has a built-in antenna.

The Connectorized PTP 650 has external antenna connections. (It does not have a built-in antenna--you must purchase the antennas separately.)

If you have a long, challenging link, you might want to use external antennas that are larger than the integrated unit's built-in antenna.

If you have a link that's prone to ducting, you might want to use one or two intentionally spaced antennas at each end to overcome ducting. You need one or two connectorized units for this.

If you have a link that's prone to reflections, you might want to use two intentionally spaced antennas at each end to overcome the reflections. You need connectorized units for this.

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Would you say that the connectorized unit will give more flexibility when deploying for a Point-to-Point project?

I have an upcoming project that has a total of 5 links, only one of those links is 1.9km away while everything else is within two to three blocks of the comm tower. I have a good line of sight for all links, the 1.9km link should be good I just want to make sure if we have to adjust things that connectorized would be best suited for some flexibility.

We are using 550 PTP for high bandwidth backhauling of these 5 links (all within a city environment using a 145ft tower at one site to connect all the sites)


Integrated wireless radio  always use short distance because Integrated radio has a buitin atnenna. 

the Connectorized wireless radio alwasy use of teh long distance  becuase connectrozed radio has external connecotr for connect extranal antenna ( it does not have a builtin atnenna - you must have purchase the antenna seprately )

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I can add that the integrated radio has a built in antenna usually with a gain of around 23 dBi on the PTP 650. This is usually good for short link up to 10 Km with good throughput (Being concervative) with no much interference in the area (Mainly in the 5 GHz band). The connectorized radio has the option to add more gain from 29 dBi to beyond 34 dBi, then good received signal for higher modulation. Hence allowing longer links 30 Km, 50 Km and beyond. So for 7Km, the integrated should work well considering you have quite good clean channels and also on the capacity you are pushing in those links. If pushing beyond 150 Mbps on your links, for good precaution, I would recommend the PTP 650/670 connectorized with 0.6 meter dish to have flexibility of growth in capacity.

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