What is the most helpful thing you learned taking this course?

Looking to get a idea of what most people found useful in taking this course.  What did you do with the training as well?  Did you use it to go on to another traning program?  Get certified?  Let's hear it.


I can tell you what was my vision when I created it... Let me start by letting you know that I am not an engineer. When I started here at Cambium 2 years ago, I only understood "Wi-Fi" as it pertained to my connections withing my home, like cellular devices, tablets, computers and laptops. I designed the courses in Connecting U in a way to help those individuals and others who just understood the basics of WI-FI.  

I love getting all of the feedback on these courses and look forward to hearing from others. I have already started getting ideas to expand Connecting U, and look for emails shortly regarding exclusive webinars that are going to be offered only to those who enrolled into Connecting U. 

Thanks for sharing, 

Bradley Schubert 

Multimedia Instructional Designer

Cambium Networks