What is the packets overload statistic?

Hello again folks,

I have a tower with 3 APs with a single T1 backbone. I have around 30 sms on two APs, and about 10 on the other.

I am seeing a high packet overload (almost 3000) on one of the APs. The other is about 100 and the other about 40.

I know my T1 is about maxed out, but it should have high numbers on all three APs instead of just one, right?

Can anyone tell me what this means exactly?


I think it’s just the number of packets that were dropped because of congestion. 3000 isn’t much if it is over a long period of time. You will typically see a lot more discards on the upstream traffic from customers since the upstream bandwidth is more limited. If the number doesn’t increment over several minutes then you aren’t experiencing congestion over that time.

You can tell when your T1 is congested because the ping times over the T1 will go up (just ping the router on the other side) and you will see packet loss on the T1.