What is WLR Mode?

I am a Ubiquiti shop and have gotten some ePMP 4525 SMs and should have some 4500 APs soon to test as a possible replacement for AirmaxAC. Looking at the SM I see it has two modes. One is a PtP mode which is pretty self-explanatory. The other is WLR mode.

Looking at the ePMP3000 documentation, as there is no 4500 documentation, I do not see WLR as a possible mode. Also looking at other threads it looks like TDD will be coming to the AX PtMP line later in the year.

So is WLR just standard 802.11ax or is it running a Cambium specific protocol with tweaks? What are the limitations or features of WLR driver mode.

I know Mimosa’s recently released AX equipment also does not have TDD yet and just appears to be running 802.11ax wifi mode. Is that what WLR is as well?

WLR is 802.11ax based protocol but it’s optimised to operate in outdoor scenarios on long distances with multiple subscriber modules.
WLR doesn’t support GPS sync.
TDD is coming soon. We are running an Alpha testing in a field right now.

Thank you


Will the 4500 radio support AC radios… ie Force 300 25?

Yes, but not quite yet.

Just like Cambium did with the AC deployment map, the first release for the Force 300’s were PTP only, followed by 3000/300 greenfield, and then followed by full Forward & Backwards compatibility.

So, from what I understand, that’s the deployment plan for 4000 series also. Cambium started PTP with the F400/F425, and now have 4500/4525 shipping for greenfield, and they are working fast & furious on TDD (in alpha testing) and then on to compatibility with Force 300.



When WLR mode for AP dont have eAlign but SM have.
AP Mode

SM Mode

Hello @slayerette,

eAlign is the feature to align the subscriber module with the access point. So it is for SM only.

WLR is for PMP design, and because of that they disable the eAlign on the newest FW? (5.4.2), but ePMP F425 cannot do PMP link (ive tried using WLR to do PMP link only One SM connected to the AP the other one detect the AP SSID but cannot connect to it).
F425 is not available as PMP in LinkPlanner also.

But it will show Add SM in AP as below;

Will this be available in near future for this model? or it just the FW make them have this option because F425 are under ePMP series?

Hi @slayerette,

we push a single image design. Now days there is one image for all AX platform radios. In the nearest future it will be the same image for AX and AC platforms.
Also it is CI/CD so we are constantly changing the FW.
You can see some artifacts in GUI that are not related to particular SKU because of that. Some of them are not removed yet, some of them makes no sense to touch at all.
The current status is that all AX Force radios are limited to 1 SM in AP mode.