What material would help you connect more customers?

Cambium is looking to help you grow your customer base. We can design door hangers and yard signs. Let us know what would help your team bring on more new customers faster.

a wireless technology could compete seriously with fiber at home until to 1Gbps...I think!

802.11AZ is comming!

marketing materials are not universal so are not really useful.

A dealer/installer/integrator locator on the Cambium website which drives sales to the guys in the local field and thus to Cambium) rather than to the area wholesalers (whom are not in the local area) would be better.

Better GOOGLE search rating for Cambium products! A quick search for PTP wireless gets you hundreds of hits for UB and Proxim products, but Cambium is only mentioned in a Spiceworks comment and no takers to promote!

Cambium does need to step up their marketing game, you give us Dealers/Installers the information but unless someone actually searches for a product group like epmp or force200 or cambium then your not even on the playing field!

I have to give my clients the best options to meet their needs, but if they have never heard of Cambium Networks then they dont understand. But you can bet they have heard of Ubiquity!