What mounting brackets do you use.


I am trying to mount 4 90 degree sectors on a old beatty tower. It is an angular tower and only has 3 legs. What mounting brackets do you guys use or recommend?


We just did this, we put one antenna on two of the legs, and two on the third. The brackets that the antennas that we used came with allowed for variable downtilt, but not any lateral skew. So we have one antenna in particular that is about 3-4 degrees skewed due to the angle of the tower leg. I can probably get pictures posted if it would help you out.

Take alook around on Tessco’s site :http://www.tessco.com/

They have lots of different mounts there. You’re looking for a ‘V’ style mount or Double pipe mount. So one peice of the V is on the inside of the tower leg and the other is on the outside, then you can attach a pipe to it and then mount your antennas to it.

Something silmilar to this:
http://www.tessco.com/products/displayP … ventPage=1

just flip on bracket around so the V points in.

Those pic’s would help a lot.

I am putting 2 antennas on 2 legs like you described but i would like something with a standoff for the third leg.

I’ll try to get some pictures up next week.

skvelocity: Would you still like some pictures?

Go to Lowes or Home Depot. The sell tube steel about 3-4’ long with holes in it. You can use U Bolts to attach it to the tower. I normally use two pieces, one on top the other and then ubolt masts to them…

I wouldn’t use anything other than galvanized hardware… Anything else and you’ll have rotted hardware in a year, and your equipment will fall off.

Not to mention if this tower has other stuff on it you’ll experience intermod issues when the components start rotting.

cvs, if you the pictures post them. I already have my equipment mounted but maybe you have a better idea then mine and maybe some of the other people could use the visual.


I’ll be back up there later this week, I’ll try to remember to get some pictures taken.