What plan do you offer?


What speed do you offer to your customer with ePmp?

everything from 4/1mbps up to 100/50mbps with MDUs getting linked between 300 and 600Mbps (multiple links for redundancy and bandwidth sharing). With Radius we can offer more than the 15 packages that an AP can have in the QOS/MIR list. It depends on you and your uplink and your planned subscription ratio as to what you can/should offer.

thanks @Douglas_Generous .
We are planning to deploy ePMP 3k to new sites with 50/10 residential plans with SM medium distance at 3-4Km using 90° sector, so we was wondering if it will work. In past we had Mikrotik.

It will work, but keep in mind your over subscription rate and the available bandwidth. Also consider getting a dual 65 or 30 degree antenna. This will give you smaller sectors with minimal tower loading. The reasoning is at 50/10, which is an off size for the frame sizes available means you will have frame utilization issues which will limit the number of subscribers per sector. This isnt a hard limit but is determined dynamically based on your subscribers usage.

is there a way to plan the speed as it will be fit into the frames size? should I need for example to set plan like 72/25 % or so?

Do you plan to offer plans that are more symmetric? If yes then using 75%/25% will hinder you. Whatever ratio you settle on, ensure it is consistent to all APs in your network or you will have problems.