What range with 900 MHz?

What distances across farmland/woods/creeks are you getting from the 900 MHz units? To date 3-5 miles is the best that I’ve seen and this decreases rapidly as the canopy/wetlands/water increases (failure to register at 0.5 miles).

Session Status REGISTERED Air Delay 171 (approximately 4.76 miles (25137 feet))
Jitter: 4 RSSI: 1354 (-81 dBm)
Jitter: 5 RSSI: 1484 Power Level: -73 Beacon Count: 17 BRcvW: 0
Jitter: 4 RSSI: 1347 Power Level: -81 Beacon Count: 19 BRcvW: 0
Jitter: 4 RSSI: 1384 Power Level: -71 Beacon Count: 17 BRcvW: 0
Downlink RATE: 1560576 bps Uplink RATE: 466944 bps
Downlink Efficiency: 90 Percent Uplink Efficiency: 100 Percent
100’ tower - 906MHz Vertical with 8 dB panel on SM / Omni on AP

Session Status REGISTERED Air Delay 131 (approximately 3.65 miles (19257 feet) - Note the tower is visible to the naked eye from this site)
Index: 0 Frequency: 924.0 MHz ESN: 0a-00-3e-90-00-cf
Jitter: 2 RSSI: 1845 (-61 dBm)
Jitter: 4 RSSI: 1831 Power Level: -61 Beacon Count: 20 BRcvW: 0
Downlink RATE: 1728768 bps Uplink RATE: 390144 bps
Downlink Efficiency: 100 Percent Uplink Efficiency: 100 Percent
275’ tower - 906MHz Horizontal with 8 dB panel on SM / Integrated AP

Unfortunately the Jitter in both of these cases exceeds the target 3 and thus may prove problematic. Any suggestions/thoughts?


For range estimation in relation with elevation, you can use this freeware:


It can be good to see what’s the coverage. you can put a % of tree in your area, or city, many environemental stuff.

See you!

Are you running 6.0 on the 900 gear? What does the spectrum analysis say at the AP? Turn the AP into an SM temporarily to view the spectrum as the AP sees it. The numbers look decent but I would expect a better distance than .5 miles.

If possible check the spectrum analysis at the AP, then at the SM both with the AP on and off. (Most scenarios this isn’t possible but if you are in early testing stages it may be a little easier.)

Nice one, thanks for the tips.

The 900 MHz systems are running the 6.0 software and are doing hardware sync. The 0.5 mile case is in some relatively heavy canopy, but even in mixed/light canopy it is almost impossible to get any distance without the jitter fast approaching 4…

we’re getting 4-5 miles through light forrest. we have 3 hops solid at 15-18 miles on our 900 in southern Indiana. Usually interferrence is the cause of high jitter. You need a real spectrum analyzer to see the scada and other stuff that pops up periodically then goes away. Fortunately, most 2-way service monitors will work fine on 900. An omni on the ap is a good thing for coverage, but unfortunately it picks up interferrence from all around too.
horizontal pol has also been very beneficial for us, although those long hops are vertical.