What Resources Do You Use to Learn About Wireless?

Hi All.

As a better way to know our current and potential customers, I am wondering where the community goes to learn about wireless. It doesn't matter what medium (article, podcast, blog etc.) 

Links to resource  would be much appreciated!


A good start

You might consider a read through the PMP 450 user guide and the PTP 670 user guide.  They both provide quite a lot of background on RF planning, theory, etc. 

They are available for download from our support site.

- Bruce


The community forum has great real world information, with many helpful super-users contributing lessons learned, best practices, and solution recommendations.

Cambium College is helpful for basics on the underlying technology and principles used across the industry.

The webinar archive and YouTube channel are a good ways to stay updated on new products and best practices.

The technical training site provides a deeper dive into specific Cambium products, new firmware release features, and access to live, classroom certification courses.

The support site (specifically LINKPlanner) hosts useful information within user guides, installation videos, and design/management tools.  The LINKPlanner User Guide has a wealth of information on wireless and products.

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There are a number of groups on FaceBook like WISP Talk, WISP Pics, Cambium Users, etc. that are very friendly and informative. I also sometimes visit DSL Reports WISP group as well, although that group is pretty old and is for mature WISP's. Sometimes I check out Fierce Wireless for general industry news. There's also Rory Conaway's blog, Tales from the Tower, which I don't completely agree with everything he says or his politics, but it gives you perspective on one way of achieving a successful WISP operation. Lastly there's the Brother's WISP YouTube videos... they cover a lot of interesting topics, but it can be pretty dry at times and they tend to go over a lot of already publicly available information.