What Should Two PTP Mutual Powers Be?

Hello, when the two PTPs are mutually aligned on the towers, the distance between them is 3.4km. What should be the output power of these two devices and how can I calculate it? Another question I have is that the antenna gains are mutually 33dBi and when I increase it manually to 45dBi, the capacity increases, but is this correct in the tower where I do this? There are 14 cambium ptp650 devices, all of them work with time synchronization, what should be the correct settings?

Hello Murat,

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You can plan your links using our freely available LINKPlanner software, which will show you the transmit powers, receive levels and time synchronization settings and provide you with installation reports which include the radio configuration parameters to match the design. In order to plan the TDD synchronization please use our desktop version, available from https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/linkplanner