What SM Receive Target Level Are You Using??

I was wondering what everyone is setting their SM Receive Target Level Power in their AP's to. We currently have ours set to -61 and was wondering if that sounds about right or if that number should vary? We have 450, 450i, and 450m AP's deployed across our Network.  

Thank You,

Scott Pope

Arbuckle Communications

Assuming you're using Cambium antennas or antennas with a good front to back ratio (like a horn antenna), -60 is recommended. If you're running into a situation with lots of noise, then under certain circumstances, you could go a little stronger, like -55. Be careful with this if you're using 3rd party antennas with less then ideal F/B, or AP's that are collocated too closely together, or lots of clients that are very close to the tower site. By using a target level greater then -60 you run the risk of creating self interference.