What would cause the high latency on BHM/BHS 30M link?

30M BHM/BHS , it has ever met RF interference and the High latency problem. The RFI disappeared After we changed the BH frequency .

Now By the spectrum analysis , there are no RFI and the aggregate throught to set to Asymmetric 2:1 , But from ping test, it still sufferring the high latency and packet loss problem.

This is an urgent issue , Anyone give me a hand on this would be appreicated !

Check the cables and connectors at both ends.

It’s also possible that the tower is very noisy and shielded Cat5 should be used.

Thanks for your suggestion

BH traffic bottleneck??

are you getting any CRC errors ?

whats the throughput (type of traffic) pps

Are you also getting packet loss…

Have you done the test at different times (day/night)