What would you choose: Wi-Fi OR Wi-Fi and a cool car OR Wi-Fi and a cool vacation

Check out the case study here:


to see how Cambiums cnPilot and cnMaestro Wi-Fi solutions saved a customer over 17,000 pounds in licensing fees over 6 years.

That 17,000 quid could buy you a cool Abarth 595:


or even 10 days of an absolutely grand, memorable stay at a fancy place like St Regis in Bora Bora

Which brings us to this weeks discussion: AP license fees. When you are already paying for AP hardware do you really want to also pay licensing fees to manage the APs? When you are sold a car you dont pay a license fee to turn it on or drive it around, why is basic Wi-Fi management not included when you buy an AP? Well with Cambium Network it is!

And these savings soon add up. It is not just a matter of not requiring license fees for management, it is also things like access to the latest firmware always, without a support contract that is a key part of the Cambium value proposition. New firmware not only means bug fixes and solutions to interoperability issues with newer clients, it also means access to new features that have been developed since you started your Wi-Fi deployment. So when you invest in equipment today, it is basically a one-time investment that pays off over and over.

Last point to note on license and management fees is: with some vendors (especially on cloud managed Wi-Fi) when you no longer renew the license/management fees it is not just a matter of losing access to new firmware, you lose the ability to manage your devices. So the AP hardware you paid for, is essentialy now a paperweight... with Cambium networks while management anyway remains free, the flexible management options mean if for any reason even if you do not wish to use cnMaestro cloud, you have ready alternatives in cnMaestro on-premises and autopilot to keep your network humming along always.