What's everyone vs. with this...

I'm interested what others are currently using and where you'll use the cnMatrix to replace it.  We use a lot of Mikrotik in our network.  We recently started using FS switches also.  I'm excited to see how this lines up against the Tik's, I love Winbox too, but Maestro I assume will take the place of that.  If not, Cambium, how much config will be able to be done GUI vs. CLI?

As far I tested it today, there are a lot of things you can do via GUI.

8 ports switch has also console port, USB console port and MGMT out-of-band. You can conect your PC to MGMT port via Ethernet cable and configure it like all other Cambium devices. The menu reminds me of cnPilot series, but of course, this is switch and not AP.